Stories: The Path of Destinies has 25 different endings divided into 4 "Truths"

True End

Reynardo tricks Lapino into retrieving the core of the Skyripper and the Iblis Stone. Reynardo then gains Zenobia's trust by telling her about Isengrim's plot to sacrifice her to the gods. However, things don't go accordning to plan. Zenobia had taken the Iblis stone from Lapino and had killed everyone in the rebellion. Reynardo admits his love to her, breaking her free from the Iblis Stone's grasp. Reynardo and Zenobia decide to retreat to the Island of Avellone. However, before they could escape, the Imperials quickly follow them. Emperor Isengrim uses the Skyripper core against them but it backfires, burning the entire Imperial fleet. Reynardo and Zenobia then sails away to the Island of Avellone.

Story #1