Stories: The Path of Destinies is an action-RPG with branching storylines and multiple endings. The player is presented with two to three choices, each branching out to more choices. The player must choose between them to progress the story.

The player controls Reynardo across the many floating islands. There will be combat sequences where Reynardo must fight enemies before making progress. There are multiple enemy types and they get stronger as the player levels up. The player can find crafting materials to craft 4 differnt swords, each having a unique ability. Powerful gems that grant the player stat boosts can also be found if the player explores the Islands thoroughly. When the player levels up, they can invest in skills to enhance their combat abilities. Higher tier skills are locked and require the player to unlock one of four "Truths" to unlock the next tier. In order to do so, the player must finish one playthrough and discover a new truth.

The player can play through the game to achieve a different ending and possibly discover a new Truth. Reynardo retains all of the skills and sword upgrades the player has made. Once all Truths are unlocked, the player can use their knowledge of the truths to find the true ending.